Before it became St. Louis Park, the village was called Elmwood in the 1860s. That area is still existing as a small neighborhood within the city.  August 1886 saw 31 people sign a petition to incorporate into the Village of St. Louis Park and officially got its registration on 19th of November 1886.  The name St. Louis Park was a reference to the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway that ran in the area. “Park” was added in order to avoid confusion with St. Louis, Missouri. Tremendous growth was seen by 1893 with the downtown area establishing three hotels and the arrival of many businesses. By 1890, there were over 600 industrial occupations mostly centered on manufacturing and agriculture. The financial panic of 1893 put a halt to further expansion. It was only after the 2nd World War that St. Louis Park saw again a boom not only to its economy but also the population.  Cityhood was gained in 1954.