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Our local experts know the new challenges for contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, developers, owners and investors. Energy efficiency, environmental certification, fast track construction and requirements for durable, aesthetic, innovative and cost-effective solutions are just a few challenges. We’re constantly coming up with high-performance solutions for cement, aggregates, concrete, and building products and services.

Streets & Highways

Streets and Highways are key to Minnesota’s development and its population’s well-being. When they’re done right, safe and connected roads make a region attractive for visitors, families and businesses.


At Aggregate Industries we understand the needs of residential homeowners. Its engineering concrete that is aestheticly pleasing, durable and long-lasting making it the ultimate entry to every home. This is why we created the best residential mixes in the region.

New Home Construction

Aggregate Industries is helping families build for the future. We do this by providing sustainable materials reducing the CO2, creating a healthy living space. Aggregate provides durable, long lasting material giving developers, contractors and homeowners a peace of mind.