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Proper concrete curing can increase surface hardness and abrasion resistance while reducing surface permeability, cracking, crazing,
dusting, and efflorescence. Why settle for a weak concrete surface when you can have a strong and less permeable surface through
proper wet curing!

Curing Brochure

SUPER ONE is a clear, penetrating, acrylic copolymer, siloxane blend that acts as an easy single-step application to cure, seal, and weather proof new and existing concrete. SUPER ONE eliminates excess steps for curing and protecting concrete, allowing faster return to service for the treated areas, when compared to traditional curing or sealing products.

Super One

DC WB DISSIPATING CURE 2519 is a 100% hydrocarbon resin, water base curing compound for fresh concrete. Designed to adhere to freshly placed concrete and enhance its overall strength, TK-2519 DC WB provides excellent curing properties and moisture retention for maximum surface density and hardness.



TK-CONCRETE SURFACE RETARDER is a concrete surface retarder for application to freshly placed horizontal concrete surfaces. It chemically retards, or delays, the set of the concrete to allow the top layer (known as surface mortar) to be removed revealing an attractive exposed aggregate finish.


SUPER GLAZE was formulated to protect architectural concrete such as exposed aggregate, colored, and stamped concrete. A 26% solids, non-yellowing, cure and a seal made from pure 100% acrylic.

Super Glaze

Finishing Aids

TK-TRI-FILM RTU is a ready-to-use evaporation retardant for freshly placed concrete to prevent premature drying that can result in finishing problems such as stickiness, sponginess, unevenness and cracking.

Evaporation Retardant

A reactive colloidal silica finishing aid that provides a multitude of immediate and long-term benefits to freshly placed concrete. Concrete surfaces treated with TK-SLAB ASSIST are lubricated for faster and easier finishing and prolonged workability, even when conditions are unfavorable.



TK-TINT PASTE 1100 is a color additive specifically designed for use with TK’S BRIGHT KURE & SEAL*, or ACHRO SEAL AS-11315* curing compounds. When mixed properly with these compounds, TK-TINT PASTE 1100 produces an opaque, uniformly tinted cure and seal for a variety of applications.


The premier, high strength, thin, broom finish concrete overlay for extreme high traffic areas, such as: parking lots, parking garages, ramps, stairwells, commuter stations and walkways. Designed to make old concrete look and perform like-new again, it transforms worn, spalling and weathered substrates into fresh, uniform and defect-free surfaces.



TK’s Salt Protector Plus is a ready-to-use, waterborne, low VOC, penetrating, silane/siloxane blend. Engineered to prevent damage from de-icing agents, salts, and freeze damage. Salt Protector Plus is formulated to penetrate and protect residential concrete and masonry surfaces.

TK- Salt Protector Plus