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Our Super Series mixes are perfect for driveways, steps, patios, garages, pool decks, and even exterior footings and walls. These products were specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Minnesota climate, too. You’ll love the long-lasting and beautiful finish, which will add value to your home.

Ready Mix Concrete in the Twin Cities

Super Series

Part of the Super Series® collection of application-based mixes, SuperEx Platinum has all the same features and benefits of SuperEX but with the addition of a integral sealer. Be-cause new concrete is most vulnerable to surface defects during the first winter of ser-vice, SuperEx Platinum gives contractors and homeowners peace of mind.

Super Ex Platinum

WeatherMix® is specially designed to tolerate temperatures outside the ideal range (50˚-80˚F) for traditional concrete placement. Ideal for providing residential, commercial, industrial design professionals, contractors and owners with a solution for concreting in hot or cold seasons.

Weather Mix

Achieves high strength rapidly, without affecting normal placement procedures as design slump is maintained. Form work can be removed 4 hours after it is batched (using 4H mix). Mixes can be designed to deliver the same strength that an ordinary mix gains in 28 days, in either 24 to 48 hours.


Reduces risk of flash flooding and stormwater runoff. Where pervious concrete is the appropriate choice, Hydromedia® flows better than other pervious concretes. Unique mix design creates a flowable product that, even after placement and curing, is highly permeable while maintaining strength.


Places quickly and flows easily through congested and heavilyreinforced areas. Eliminates the need for vibration and increases production time. Creates a smooth and crisp aesthetic for architectural appeal.


Artevia® decorative concrete combines design and performance with a rich color palette and beautiful textures including polished, stamped and exposed aggregate effects. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customizable to match any design aesthetic.

Artevia Color Chart
Artevia Sell Sheet