Aggregate Industries values integrity.

At Aggregate Industries, we deliver VALUE! Part of that value consists of delivering what we say we’ll deliver and when we say we’ll deliver it. Our products are consistent from plant to plant and our people are always willing to serve your needs.

When you need a concrete contractor you can count on Aggregate Industries VALUE for your project needs in the following sectors:

  • Streets and highways
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • New home construction
  • Agriculture


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LEED Certification Support from Aggregate Industries With Our Emerald Series

The construction and building materials industry is changing rapidly to reflect the increasing demand for green materials and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Federal, state, and local regulations and specifications are increasingly calling for new construction to be certified, and contractors and developers are in need of materials that can help ensure their projects are sustainably built and can meet the rigors of the LEED certification process.

Why Emerald Series?

It’s tough, durable and cost-effective. Most of all, it possesses excellent thermal-mass characteristics. Emerald Series can ensure that your project gains vital points needed for LEED certification by using concrete’s multitude of green properties – from low carbon to high percentages of recycled content.