We place health and safety in all our operations as our first priority.

It is always important to ensure the safety of the people involved, no matter the size or location of the job. We strongly recommend that you take the time to read the information below

What is the risk from contact with wet concrete?

Suitable clothing including impervious gloves, long sleeves, eye protection and boots should always be worn when handling concrete as wet concrete, mortar and screed are strong alkalis. Contact with skin or the eyes may cause serious burns and ulceration or an acute allergic reaction in some people. Wash immediately with plenty of water and seek urgent medical attention if concrete mix comes into contact with eyes.

What is the risk with equipment?

If used incorrectly, all equipment can present a risk. People may be under increased pressure to finish quickly as the ready mix concrete sets so it is always worth ensuring everyone understands the operating instructions before the job starts.

What are the risks of slips, trips and lifting?

Wet concrete makes surfaces slippery and it is also very heavy so precaution should be taken when lifting. If you need further information on handling concrete, see our Frequently Asked Questions.