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Holcim MN is a leading provider of ready mix concrete delivery providing service to Chaska, MN, as well as the nearby areas of the Twin Cities. As a prominent company in the industry, we focus on catering to our customers’ specific needs. Our highly experienced team is equipped to assist with projects of any scale. The information provided below will cover the many benefits of ready mix concrete delivery, the different types of ready mix concrete, cost considerations, and more.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

One significant benefit of ready mix concrete delivery is the consistent quality control we maintain. With our state-of-the-art plants and computerized batching systems, we can ensure a uniform mix for each cubic yard of concrete we produce. This results in decreased waste and a superior product for our clients, ultimately leading to more robust and longer-lasting structures.

Our delivery services save you time and labor by eliminating the necessity for on-site concrete mixing. Collaborating with Holcim MN ensures quicker project completion and reduced delays, which is especially important for contractors working on tight schedules.

Our ability to provide custom mixes is another key advantage of our services. We can formulate specialized mixes tailored to specific project requirements, such as high-strength concrete, lightweight concrete, or concrete with specific additives for improved durability and performance.

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Varieties of Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

There are three varieties of ready mix concrete delivery to accommodate diverse project needs. They include the following:

Transit mixed concrete: This method entails mixing the concrete during transportation to the project location. The materials are loaded into the cement truck at our facility, and the mixing begins as the truck moves towards your site. This technique permits adjustments to the mix during transit, ensuring the ideal consistency upon arrival.

Shrink mixed concrete: Using this approach, the concrete is partially mixed at our plant and then finished during transportation. This process ensures that the mix achieves the proper consistency at the job site while allowing for any last-minute alterations.

Central mixed concrete: In this type of delivery, the concrete is fully mixed at our plant before transport. The cement truck then carries the completely mixed concrete to your project location. This method provides the highest level of quality control and consistency in the mix.

Regardless of the type you select, you can depend on our fleet of cement trucks to deliver the perfect mix to your job site.

Competitive Pricing

Understanding that the cost of concrete is a significant factor for our customers, we strive to offer competitive prices. Our pricing encompasses the concrete cost, as well as any additional fees for travel distance and setup. Holcim MN is committed to transparent pricing and is always available to address any inquiries regarding the costs related to your specific project. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.

Our Delivery Process

The delivery process starts when you submit an order to our customer service team. You’ll share your project details, specifications, and desired delivery time, and we’ll begin formulating the perfect mix. After preparing the concrete at our facility, we load it onto our trucks and transport it to your job site. Our expert team will then pour and place the concrete using the right equipment and methods, ensuring a smooth application.

Throughout the process, we’ll maintain open communication with you to make certain we’re fulfilling your needs and meeting your expectations. From the initial order to the final pour, we’re committed to delivering top-notch customer service and support.


We are aware of the challenges associated with delivering ready mix concrete in the Twin Cities area, such as variable seasonal weather, traffic jams, and restricted delivery hours. However, our team is determined to overcome these obstacles to keep your project on target.

To address harsh winter conditions, we incorporate additives and specialized mix designs to preserve the quality and performance of our concrete. Additionally, we carefully plan our delivery routes to avoid traffic delays, ensuring your project proceeds on schedule. Our flexible scheduling options can accommodate delivery time restrictions, facilitating easier project planning for you.

Observance of Regulations and Guidelines

As a frontrunner in Minnesota’s concrete sector, we vow to conform to all local regulations and guidelines, such as zoning and permitting stipulations, environmental regulations, and noise ordinances. When engaging with Holcim MN, you can have confidence that your project will be executed with the highest degree of professionalism and attention.

We persistently invest in state-of-the-art technologies and top industry practices to make sure our processes are environmentally conscious and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship sets us apart as a dependable partner in Chaska, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other neighboring communities.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We pledge to reduce the environmental impact of our ready mix concrete delivery services. Our techniques lead to lower air pollution, conscientious resource usage, and decreased waste, ensuring a more sustainable option for our clients and the environment.

We actively strive to lower our carbon footprint by increasing our fleet’s fuel efficiency, adopting cleaner fuels, and investing in energy-conserving plants and equipment. When you choose Holcim MN, you’re not only getting top-notch concrete products but also supporting a company that prioritizes environmental responsibility.

Emphasis on Safety Precautions

The safety of our personnel, clients, and the public is of paramount importance. We maintain strict safety measures for our concrete delivery services, including utilizing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), following traffic regulations, practicing secure transportation, and training in safe pouring methods. By partnering with Holcim MN, you can trust that your project will be carried out safely and proficiently.

We constantly assess and refine our safety guidelines to make sure we meet the most stringent industry standards. Our devotion to safety includes our plants, where we concentrate on the welfare of our employees and visitors.

Excellent Quality & Service

By choosing Holcim MN for your concrete delivery, you’re endorsing a local company with a strong foothold in the Twin Cities region. We cater to various areas, including Chaska, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and others, facilitating fast and efficient service. In addition, our strict adherence to local regulations and guidelines ensures products of the highest caliber.

Our commitment to nurturing the local economy and building long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and the areas we serve is unwavering. Our reputation for delivering high-quality products and unparalleled service makes us a go-to choice for contractors and homeowners alike. For any inquiries or to request a quote for your next project, feel free to contact our team. Boasting extensive expertise, a broad product range, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Holcim MN is the ultimate partner for all your concrete-related needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: At Holcim MN, our core values revolve around quality, customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental responsibility. We believe in providing the best products and services to our customers while maintaining a strong commitment to the wellbeing of our employees, the public, and the environment. These values guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we continue to grow as a trusted and respected company within our industry.

A: You can connect with our team by phone or through our website. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you select the right products and services for your project.

A: Holcim MN handles a variety of projects, ranging from small residential tasks to extensive commercial and industrial projects. Our expertise in ready mix concrete ensures that we can deliver the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs, regardless of project size or complexity.

A: Holcim MN values the communities we serve and is committed to fostering growth and development in the Twin Cities area. We contribute to the local economy by providing job opportunities, supporting local suppliers, and investing in community projects. We believe that by actively engaging with the people and businesses in our community, we can create a stronger, more vibrant landscape for everyone.

A: While our primary focus is on delivery of ready mix concrete, we can provide recommendations for tools and supplies that will help ensure a successful project. Our team’s expertise in the concrete industry allows us to offer valuable advice on the best tools and techniques for your specific project needs.

A: Our ready mix concrete is composed of high-quality aggregates, such as gravel, granite, quartz, and limestone. We source these materials from reputable suppliers to ensure the best quality for our customers. We also offer various additives and admixtures to customize the mix to meet specific project requirements.

A: Yes! Our team of experts can help you estimate the amount of concrete required for your project based on your project specifications. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the most accurate estimate possible, which helps minimize waste and control costs.

A: Yes, Holcim MN has established itself as a trusted name and industry leader in the delivery of ready mix concrete throughout the Twin Cities area. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility has earned us a reputation for excellence, making us the go-to choice for many customers in the region.

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About Chaska, MN

Chaska, MN, is a charming city in the heart of Carver County, situated along the picturesque banks of the Minnesota River. As the county seat, Chaska combines historic charm with modern amenities, making it an appealing destination for both residents and visitors.

Recreational activities abound in Chaska, with a variety of parks and green spaces available for people of all ages to enjoy. The city is home to several walking and biking trails, as well as sports facilities like baseball and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a community center. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of a beautiful golf course, which hosts local and regional tournaments. In addition, Chaska’s proximity to the Minnesota River and numerous lakes provide ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water-based activities.

Chaska’s strong sense of community is evident through various events and festivals held throughout the year. From farmers’ markets and outdoor movie nights to seasonal celebrations and cultural events, there’s never a shortage of things to do. The city’s historic downtown district offers a quaint shopping experience, while its close proximity to the larger Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area provides access to an even greater variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Chaska is a city that effortlessly blends its rich history with modern conveniences, offering an inviting atmosphere for all who call it home or come to visit.

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